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The Ancient and Biblical World: Preparing the Way of the Lord

Everything that defines us as Westerners can in some way be attributed to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Our notions of art and poetry, science and technology, war and peace, virtue and vice, freedom and tyranny, all had their origins–in one way or another–in the ancient Mediterranean world. The wisdom and culture of the Greeks, and the might and political genius of the Romans, were formational by the will of God to prepare for the coming of the Lord.

The Ancient & Biblical World: Preparing the Way of the Lord

Brendan McGuire, Ph.D. and Mark Wunsch
November 3, 10, and 17, 2009
St. Michael Catholic Church, Annandale, VA

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About McGuire, Brendan, Ph.D.

Professor Brendan McGuire, PhD, is a Catholic historian, specializing in the classical and medieval periods.  He received his doctoral degree in medieval history from Saint Louis University, and in recent years has presented scholarly research on various historical topics at prestigious regional, national, and international conferences.  He has taught both history and classical languages at the undergraduate level, and he is currently a professor of history at Christendom College, his alma mater.